Friday, March 06, 2009

Interesting conversation

Another interesting coversation with Rayden...

Was explaining that we should not be destroying things, so as not to spend additional money to repair or replace whatever that is spoilt.

ME: "Don't play with that sit belt, wait you break it and we will have to spend money to repair it... and we will not have enough money to buy toys and nice food for Rayden..."

Rayden: " Go bank take loh"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Never fails to amaze me...

He amazed me almost everyday.

In the playground @ 7am in the morning
Me:" Go on, Rayden, use the slide. Don't think it's wet."
Rayden:"No... got morning dew."
Me:"You remembers what I thought you weeks ago? Wow..."
Rayden:"School teach one..."

After we come down from the car.
Rayden:"Carry me... carry me..."
Me:"Why must I carry you? You can walk right?"
Rayden:"Wait the car knock me..."

Reverse role play...
Me:"I don't want to go school!!! I'm scare!!!"
Rayden:"Don't scare. I will fetch you later."
Me:"I don't want..."
Rayden:"I'll buy french fries for you later ok?"
Me:"Why must I go school?"
Rayden:"Go school can learn things mah... and I must go work."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ryanne's 3rd Anniversary

Today's 14 Feb 2009, and it is Ryanne's 3rd Anniversary .

Dear Ryanne,

How are you? Hope things are fine. It's 3 years since you left us. It seems like a very long time. Papa was looking through the photos we had with you and... the earlier ones were when you are still in KKH, with the feeding tubes attached...all the way till the ones which we celebrated your first and last birthday. Sigh... time flies. Your didi, Rayden was with me when I'm browsing at the photos, and I had to explain why there was a feeding tube attached to you, and why you are no longer with us. We brought him to the Hall of Graditude today to see you. Mummy's not feeling too good, thus she stayed in the van. But I hope you have noticed Rayden has grown taller and slimmer than before. And yah.. he's still very naughty and unreasonable at times. They call it the "terrible two" phase. Can you do something about that? Oh.. you are going to have another didi again. Mummy's expecting and your didi is due around April this year. We haven't really thought of a name yet... you have any suggestion?

Well, Ryanne... I'm sorry for not visiting you as often as I would have like to. I promised you I will try to do that. Take care, Ryanne. RIP.

Love you always,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 2 w/o maid

It is now 2159hrs and I have done the laundry. It's an improvement but I used the good old washing machine this time.

I picked up my courage to phone a number which Renna left with us when she's leaving.

Me: "Er.. Hello, can I speak to Rennalyn please? Is she back home?"

A voice: " Sir?... It's me, Renna"

Me: " Hi Renna, you are back home? Is everything alright?"

Renna: " Sir, the air ticket you bought for me wrong. Didn't go to Manila."

Me: "What?! It says Manila what..."

But apparently, it is not in the Manila that she wants to go.

Renna: " I have to take a taxi to Manila - 1500 peso"

Me: " And then you have to take that 24hrs bus that cost you 3000 peso... wah! you have enough money or not?"

Renna:" Sir, I take out the Ang Bao which you gave me at the airport to change. Enough."

Me: " You are fine? How's your parents? They are happy to see you back?"

Renna: " Yes. They are happy to see me, sir. Sir... sorry sir..."

Me: " It's ok. Don't say sorry. If so, I have to say sorry to you too. Are you angry with us?"

Renna:" No sir. Sorry sir."

Renna: " Sir, how's everything? How's Rayden? How's Mdm?"

Emotion flowing...

Me: " Everything's fine except that the house is abit messy... Just have to live with it I guess...As for Rayden and Mdm, they are fine too. Do you want to speak to them? Let's see if Rayden's sleeping yet"

Turning on the speaker...

Me:" Rayden, it's auntie Renna. Say hi."

Rayden:" Hi Auntie Renna! Why you are not here? Why you go home?"

I can hear Renna sobbing.

Renna: " Baby, how are you? What are you doing?"

Rayden: " Auntie Renna, why you not here? Why you go Philippine?"


Me:" Auntie Renna must go home and visit her Papa Mama mah... It's been a long time since she has seen them?"

Renna:" Baby, what are you doing? Must be good boy ok?"

Rayden:" Auntie Renna, what are you doing? I building a house.." (stacking of pillows and bolsters)


Me: " Ok lah, Renna. We will leave it like this. Just remember to let us know if there's anything. Take care... bye!"

Renna: " Bye..."

It ended like this. But, to me... I think it's good to hear that she's ok, her parents are fine and happy to see her. I finally can let it go.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Day 1 w/o my maid

It is now 2303hrs according to my computer clock. I have just finished handwashing mostly Rayden's clothes and a couple of my wife's ones. I do not have any energy left for folding the clean clothes from yesterday's laundry. My wife had told me to dump it (the laundry) in the washing machine and tune it the a low spin for washing to save some time and energy. I will consider that suggestion. The reason why I chose to handwash them is to experience what Renna's (my ex-maid) been doing for the past 2 years. I can tell you that it is no joke... Must ensure there's hot water in the flask. Must ensure that Rayden's toys and books are kept properly. Must ensure that Rayden's school bag is packed (I haven't done this yet... my wife told me she's doing it). Basically... alot of things to do.

I heard a SMS tone on my phone around 2215hrs. Deep inside me, I was hoping that it was from Renna informing that she has reached her hometown safely. But, it was not her. I am still waiting to hear that she's safe and happy back home.

Tomorrow will be another challenging day.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

I fired someone

No... I didn't pour kerosine on someone and light her up. I sent my domestic worker back to her hometown today.

Nothing to do with the economy crisis. We suspected her of stealing, something which she denied, even at the Departure gate at Budget Terminal. We didn't manage to prove that she did it since we cannot find prove... she could have gotten rid of it... at least we think she may have probably done so. What we found is a photo of her and her Indian boyfriend. We found out about this 2 years ago, and she has promised to break off, which we naively believed. The photo is recent, I'm sure. Morally not wrong, but we have advise her against having a relationship with another foreigner. Who knows whether that guy is living on her, or just want to have a good time - free, once a month? She revealed that the "boyfriend" has went back to India and they have already broken off. I am not sure.

The reason for sending her back is... we can no longer trust her. How can I stay with someone without trust. Do I have to live in fear everyday? Do I have to watch my back on her every move? One may argue that even if we get someone new, it takes time to build up the trust. The thing is, she's with us for more than 2 years, and we have recently extend her work permit by 1 year. We have even helped her to apply to the Canadian Embassy for employment in Canada. Canada is supposingly one of the ultimate heaven that the Filipino maids wanted to go. Having said all this, and there's no trust in between us, I think it is pathetic. Have I failed as an employer?

She was not extra hardworking. Her working attitude was not super. Her food sucks. But I think she did try her best, and she treats Rayden well. These are the one of reasons why we renewed her work permit, knowing that she has wanted to go Canada ultimately.. and also trying to help her to achieve her dream.

But today, I have to crush it all. I have to hold back my tears when I am saying goodbye in the BT.

I am sorry, Rennalyn. I wish your family and you well. I hope you can achieve your dream soon. Thank you for your service.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why I join Facebook

Found some old letters and post cards in parent's place few days ago. These were letters written to me by family and friends during my 2 years stay in Sheffield, UK 95/96 - 96/97.

Many memories came rushing in and my gosh... how time flies.

Strangely, I have lost contact with friends who had wrote quite often to me back then. I plan to fix that. I joined facebook and I think I need a little bit of luck.

Where are you my friends?